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It’s a Bugs World for Babies at Douglas Company

It’s a Bugs World for Babies at Douglas Company

Snug as a Bug has new meaning for Douglas Company. The soft toy maker and lifestyle gift creator is introducing four new bug themed Sshlumpies and Playtivity Rattles for babies. 

Sshlumpies are a long-time favorite at Douglas. They are the 18” under-stuffed blanket-like plush characters with full plush heads. Each has a variety of textured fabrics and a sweet, embroidered signature on the front. 

Playtivity Rattles are brand new for Douglas Baby. They are approximately 5” long and shaped like a plump plush toy. Each includes three activities rattle, crinkle, and a silicone teether. 

Lia the Ladybug Sshlumpie is oval shaped, and she has two full floppy style wings in classic ladybug colors. She has a fluffy soft body, and her belly and head are pale pink. The center of her belly is embroidered with a tiny, sweet ladybug. 

Lia the Ladybug Playtivity Rattle is a small plush ladybug in classic coloring with two black and red dotted wings across her front. The wings crinkle. The body rattles, and there is a small, round, bumpy pink silicone teeter attached to her side. She is the perfect coordinating piece to Lia the Ladybug Sshlumpie. 

Drea the Dragonfly Sshlumpie is triangular with a full set of green wings across her back. This stunning, mint green, fluffy cutie has a path of colorful stripes in textured fabrics across her front resembling a dragonfly body. The colors are pink, purple and two shades of green. On her bottom right corner is a similar embroidered dragonfly. 

Dreya the Dragonfly Playtivity Rattle coordinates beautifully with the Drea Dragonfly Sshlumpie. She has a cute cream-colored head, and her mint green dragonfly body boasts the same colorful stripes of pink, purple and green. She has wings that crinkle and a body that rattles. On the side of her 5” body is a round bumpy silicone teether. 

Pollen the Bumble Bee Sshlumpie is oval shaped with classic black and yellow bumble bee stripes. He has a full bumble bee plush head including antennae. He has a smooth yellow belly outlined in blue satin stitch that matches his blue wings and antennae. In the center of the belly is a tiny, embroidered bumble bee. 

Pollen the Bumble Bee Playtivity Rattle is a small plush bumble bee in classic coloring with two blue wings across his back. The wings crinkle. The body rattles, and there is a small round silicone teeter attached to his side. He is the perfect coordinating piece to Pollen the Bumble Bee Sshlumpie. 

Shalem the Snail Sshlumpie is triangular with a fully round swirled shell attached. Shalem is salmon pink, but his shell is lavender with iridescent colors in his swirl. Shalem has a sweet identical embroidery of himself in the bottom right corner. 

Shalem the Snail Playtivity Rattle is a full plush snail toy with a sweet pink body and a periwinkle bulbous shell on his back.Attached to his side is a tiny, round, mint greet silicone teether. 

Designed for baby, Douglas’ newest Sshlumpies™ will be available in March 2024 DOUGLAS’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada. 

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