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IPR Licensing brokers Spear & Jackson partnership

IPR Licensing brokers Spear & Jackson partnership

Spear & Jackson (S&J) announces a new partnership with Benross Marketing, the leading UK supplier of electrical homewares and appliances, in a collaboration brought together by IPR Licensing.

The new exclusive licensing programme will launch later this year and feature a range of Air Treatment products for the home including de-humidifiers, diffusers, air purifiers and related accessories, plus Air Temperature-Control products for the home such as heaters and fans.

Commenting on the partnership, Ian Archer, Managing Director of Spear & Jackson Tools Group, said “we are thrilled to enter this new relationship with Benross Marketing and it marks a new milestone to see our brand further incorporated across an ever-growing category of Spear & Jackson performance products for the home. Our core tools business continues to innovate and evolve from our proud heritage in Sheffield since 1760, and over these past few years we have been delighted with the success and growth of our brand licensing programme. Welcoming Benross to the programme has been positive from the start and we are looking forward to working together and bringing new Spear & Jackson products to customers across a wide retail landscape”.

Amit Juneja, Managing Director, Benross Marketing, commented “we are all very excited to be part of the Spear & Jackson family of licensees. We have been keen to work with the team at S&J for some time and when the opportunity presented itself we were delighted to forge this new relationship and we’re looking forward to bringing some stand-out products into retail later this year and beyond”.

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