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Interview: Afro Unicorn’s Stellar Year

Interview: Afro Unicorn’s Stellar Year

April Showers, Creator and Founder of Afro Unicorn, caught up with Total Licensing to talk about the galloping strides made by Afro Unicorn in 2023 and what the future is looking like!

How was BLE, NY Toy Fair, MIPCOM and the rest of the ‘show season’ for you?

The show season was action-packed, non-stop excitement. It was a true reflection of my mantra: “All gas, no brakes.” As I tell my followers and the next generation of emerging talent, mindset is everything! 

For my part, I was in a different city every week. While on a press run in New York, I received the Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WiT) Wonder Woman Award in the Social Impact (independent) category. I was thrilled to accept the honor in one of the few rooms where I felt truly comfortable, and I was grateful to everyone there supporting me to normalize Black beauty one unicorn at a time.  

Then, I went to London for BLE and soon after to Cannes for MIPCOM. I was impressed by the diversity I saw at BLE. It was inspiring to meet other Black-owned business leaders in the space. It was the first time Afro Unicorn was a vendor, and it was truly amazing to have a booth at BLE. I have to shout out to the most diverse trade show I have ever seen. 

And how was Afro Unicorn received – did you feel the brand is gaining recognition around the world now?

Seeing how well Afro Unicorn was received at the shows, especially BLE, was inspiring. Absolutely; as the fastest-growing Black-owned brand in America, I am proud to say that Afro Unicorn is quickly gaining recognition around the world. My goal is to heighten my presence in the UK, Europe, and South Africa as a first priority. 

And that means having a strong presence at all the shows and getting known as a public figure. I have been focusing my attention on April Showers as a brand. My authentic followers must know the origin story behind Afro Unicorn. I started Soulful Sundays on Instagram to connect with my faithful followers. My goal is always to stay true to my grassroots, organic movement and share my authentic self as a single mom of two amazing Honor Roll boys, running multiple businesses and maintaining a robust social life. 

As I tell my followers and the next generation of emerging entrepreneurs, mindset is everything! Once you develop my mantra of “all gas, no brakes,” you will be unstoppable. By conditioning your mind to believe that there isn’t anything you cannot do, you will achieve everything you set out to accomplish. It’s one thing to think you can, but a whole other concept to believe you shall. That said, anything is possible. And the possibilities are endless. 

My engaged followers inspire me, encouraging me to continue this journey. I embrace the marathon to make them proud since they fuel what I do daily.

Is there any news you can share with us following the shows?

We have cultivated incredible relationships at the shows. It was our second year at MIPCOM, and we had many great meetings. We are excited to announce that we will have a live experience on Roblox by spring 2024. It will be thrilling to join this online game platform and bring diverse characters that best reflect children of color so they can live and play in the world of Afro Unicorn and be their authentic selves.

What trends did you personally notice?

While there was a lack of diversity at some of the shows, however, I was thrilled to see massive representation at BLE. It was incredible to make connections with such talented brand owners like myself at this incredible exposition. 

Afro Unicorn is not just a brand; it’s a movement that transcends borders and empowers the next generation of talent to embrace their creativity and authentic selves. I am always proud to support other entrepreneurs, especially women of color. 

Can you share your thoughts, as we head into the end of the year, about some of the fantastic growth Afro Unicorn has seen this year?

The growth of Afro Unicorn and the outpouring of support for my brand has been phenomenal. Among the highlights: The publication and subsequent book tour for the first three books in my six-book series: ‘A MAGICAL DAY,’ a picture-book adventure, ‘WE ARE AFRO UNICORNS,’ chronicling each Afro Unicorn’s superpowers & our first Little Golden Book(!), and ‘THE MOST MAGICAL TIME OF THE YEAR,’ the first holiday book in the Afro Unicorn line completed with a countdown calendar and stickers.

One of the biggest news items this fall was the launch of Afro Unicorn Magical Tresses, a partnership with Magical Beauty, our first black-owned global licensing partner. The hair & styling products line is kid-friendly and mother-approved with pure goodness. 

It is so exciting to be able to offer an unrivaled hair care experience that honors all textures and tresses. Speaking of building bonds through hair care & styling, Askia Fountain, Afro Unicorn’s General Manager, also created The Girl Dad Manual, a guide to educate fathers to care for their daughter’s hair properly and encourage them to help foster self-confidence in their girls. Presented by Proud Black Girl Dad, it features Afro Unicorn’s Magical Tresses.

Moreover, Magical Beauty invited me to be the face of the brand, which is a true honor. I am thrilled to serve as a role model for young girls and encourage them to love their skin and the crowns on their heads! 

And share some of your plans for 2024!

My latest endeavor is a live-action series I am filming with some amazing kid ambassadors over the holidays. Highlighting these girls, Eden (@theedenolivia), Veigh (@veighway), Genesis (@iamforevergenesis) and Brielle (@2belaygirls) who came to Afro Unicorn organically speaks to the grassroots nature of our brand. 

As a trailer for my series, I invite you to enter the enchanting world of “Ms. April’s Book and Crown Shop,” where dreams come alive and young entrepreneurs find their wings. The heart of the story revolves around me (Ms. April), a wise and charismatic mentor. Along my side is Magical, an Afro Unicorn puppet with a magical snow globe that can foresee the future.

In the bustling town, five dynamic young girls embark on a thrilling entrepreneurial

journey, each owning a unique Afro Unicorn-themed store – a bakery, a fashion

boutique, a hair salon, and a furniture shop. Every episode presents a new challenge for one of the girls, and with my guidance, they navigate the intricate world of

business, learning valuable lessons along the way.

As the girls confront entrepreneurial hurdles, I impart my wisdom, teaching young girls 

about resilience, creativity, and kindness by taking the child-prenuer to her AfroMation Mirror, where they receive their daily Afromations affirming they can complete what every obstacle lies ahead. 

At the end of each episode, the young girl is crowned for her achievements, celebrating business success, personal growth, and kindness.

I am proud of this new adventure into entrepreneurship to uplift and celebrate the boundless potential within young minds as they pursue their dreams with inner confidence. 

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