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IMC Toys has New Fall 2023 Lineup

IMC Toys has New Fall 2023 Lineup

IMC Toys is geared up for a fantastic Fall season as with its new lineup of nurturing and interactive toys for kids! Known for its flagship doll brand, Cry Babies, IMC Toys is bringing that concept even further with newly themed Cry Babies and Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars, while also taking the classic play pattern to the next level with Cry Babies Newborn and Cry Babies

Crawling Jenna and Miley. Geared towards providing unique and engaging play experiences for kids, these new additions deliver on fun and surprises. While IMC Toys has a strong foothold in the special feature nurturing dolls (SFND) and playset dolls and collectibles (PD&C) categories, they are also intent on expanding their market presence introducing new products that venture outside of the doll category.

“Part of IMC Toys’ mission is to grow with the kids and provide toys that speak to their developing interests and preferred play patterns”, says Crystal Ganir, VP Global & North America Head of Marketing IMC Toys. “Our new Fall lineup delivers on that goal with new innovative themes and activations. We are truly developing a product portfolio that has something for everyone!”

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