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 “A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever; indestructible.” (Godzilla, 1985) Toho International, the Japanese studio’s U.S.-based subsidiary that has brought global sensation Godzilla to life, announced its plans for Godzilla Day 2022 with a slate of monster-sized experiences and offerings for fans to enjoy.  Honoring the King of the Monsters on November 3, fans of all things Godzilla will have access to special first-time screenings, themed contests, and exclusive gaming and food partnerships happening across the nation.

“Godzilla’s long history has shaped the world of pop culture and monster fandom for nearly 70 years,” said Lora Cohn, Managing Director of Toho International. “Godzilla means so much to generations all over the world and we’re thrilled to be partnering with incredible collaborators to honor the world’s most famed and destructive prehistoric sea monster by offering our fans a chance to participate in screenings, gaming contests, and more for this year’s Godzilla Day.” 

Sixty-eight years ago on November 3, 1954, Godzilla appeared on the silver screen for the first time in Japan’s Gojira. Since then, over 35 films have been made starring the enormous mutated kaiju which has resulted in a multi-billion dollar franchise and global fandom over several decades. First conceived in Japan, Godzilla quickly became a household name and has been featured in stand-alone books, comics, tv series, countless lines of consumer products, and more.

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