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Gigglebug Launches Adult Animation Label

Gigglebug Launches Adult Animation Label

Gigglebug Entertainment, the values-driven kids’ animation studio based in Helsinki, is launching a new sub-label dedicated to the creation of adult animated content, branded “In Stitches”. The new banner will focus on developing bold, offbeat and experimental comedy content from contemporary voices and will be led by Gigglebug’s management team, including Anttu Harlin (CEO and Co-Founder), Joonas Utti (Creative Director and Co-Founder) and Beth Parker (Managing Director). The label will tap into the talent across Gigglebug’s 100 in-house artists and designers and will look to develop their previously unpitched adult-targeted concepts.

The first project being developed by In Stitches is ‘Soap’, a 20 x 22’ animated workplace comedy from the point of view of a bar of hotel soap, who just wants a clean getaway. The concept was originated as part of Gigglebug’s Idea Lab – an internal pitching and co-creation session – and is based on an original idea by Sasil Leirana, a 2D Animator at Gigglebug. ‘Soap’ will be written by ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ writers, Tobi Wilson and Paul Rice. The project is being produced by Anttu Harlin and Joonas Utti, with Elliott Palmer (CBBC, Nickelodeon, Big Thinkers) on board as Development Executive. In Stitches will be presenting the project to the international market at MIPCOM.

When affairs unravel marriages, a drug deal blows up (literally) or a serial killer repaints the walls red, who is there to clean up the mess? Soap. Meet Suds and her pals, the cleaning products in Room 833 of The Tufnell, a large high-end hotel, who are always cleaning up behind the scenes.

Anttu Harlin, CEO and Co-Founder at Gigglebug Entertainment, said: “We have an amazing pool of talent under our roof and browsing their personal portfolios continues to blow our mind – they have so many fresh, daring and hilarious ideas that we’re eager to develop, alongside our family-focused work. In Stitches is still very much in keeping with Gigglebug’s DNA, as it’s also driven by the desire to spread joy, but it will enable us to bring boundary-pushing and more risky content for adult audiences, which encourages them to have a laugh at the bare, naked and surreal truth of being alive. ‘Soap’ perfectly encapsulates our vision for the banner, and we are excited to have the remarkably talented Tobi and Paul bringing their comedic genius to the project – as well as for our animation team to flex their creative muscles in a new genre.”

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