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Geronimo Stilton hits the Stage in Spain

Geronimo Stilton hits the Stage in Spain

Atlantyca Entertainment’s “Geronimo Stilton in the Kingdom of Fantasy – the Musical” is heading to Spain.

The company’s popular live musical stage show, a Geronimo Stilton brand extension, continues to be a proven success for the company after its success in Italy, Canada, Belgium and Holland and Asia will arrive on the stage in Spain. The show takes center stage for the first time in Madrid, Spain, this winter commencingDecember 16 to January 10, 2024 which will take place at LA LATINA Theater.( produced by All Entertainment, a leading Italian company specializing in the production of live shows and musicals. The show will offer the adventure and humor that children and parents around the world have come to expect from the famous mouse Geronimo Stilton.

Geronimo Stilton in the Kingdom of Fantasy – the Musical” tells the adventures of Geronimo together with gnomes, elves and dragons who will accompany him on his mission: to save the Floridiana Fairy Queen. After a hard day at work, Geronimo Stilton finally returns home, but a very strong storm causes the power to go out. Geronimo goes up to the attic to get a candlestick but, as soon as he enters, he trips over an old trunk and faints. When he wakes up, he finds in front of him a music box containing a scroll written in a mysterious language; suddenly the music box begins to emit a very strong light that leads it towards the Kingdom of Fantasy. Thanks to the help of the frog Scribacchius who translates Fantasico, the mysterious language of the parchment, Geronimo discovers that it is a request for help from Floridiana, the queen of the Fairy Kingdom, victim of a spell by Stria, the Queen of the Witches. From this moment, a long journey begins for Geronimo, full of daring adventures and numerous encounters with the inhabitants of fantastic kingdoms, united to save Floridiana. Will Geronimo be able to restore peace to the Fantasy Kingdom? The stage shows are developed by Atlantyca Live, the integrated division dedicated to the planning, creation, production and development of live stage shows for all of Atlantyca’s owned properties. 

“We are always so excited to have our properties come to life on stages,” noted Rachele Geraci, Atlantyca Licensing and Live Event Manager.  “It’s an absolute joy taking these beloved stories from the pages and bringing them to fruition so that young audiences can experience them in a whole new way.” 

“We are honored to have created such a wonderful and magical experience,” noted  Daniele Luppino, of All Entertaiment.  “Geronimo Stilton in the Kingdom of Fantasy stories permitted us to create captivating stage experiences that families are going to adore.” 

The successful live productions (which have appeared in several European territories) are based on the “Geronimo Stilton: In “The Kingdom of Fantasy” book series. The Kingdom of Fantasy books have sold over 18 million copies worldwide to date, part of the 187 million Geronimo Stilton series of books, delivering exciting adventure and humor that children and parents around the world have come to expect from Italy’s most famous mouse-author, Geronimo Stilton.

Geronimo Stilton books are published in the country by Destino.

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