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GarfieldEATS Readies for Party Celebrations

GarfieldEATS Readies for Party Celebrations

GarfieldEATS combats COVID19 after stage 3 across Ontario by renovating their brick & mortars into a memorable and nostalgic venue for private birthday parties for all ages.

Co-Founder, Nathen Mazri says: “Jim Davis always told me to take care of the cat and the cat will take care of you, but it seems the cat will be taking care of the fast food and restaurant industry with our birthday and merchandise business model.”

Now, you can meet & eat with the Garfield mascot for 2 hours. A family or close friends can now gather with their loved ones of up to 15 guests only to celebrate together. Bookings are online on the website by clicking “party now” to book their own entire GarfieldEATS for the first time for $249 – pay what you eat only ($0 Deposit, $0 Venue fee). The big, hairy, fat deal includes a choice of lasagna, spaghetti, Garfield-shaped pizza with skinny fries or farm salad, and any fresh juice with also a new Garfield Cyber Safety comic book per guest or child. GarfieldEATS has set a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) & Safety Measures for COVID19 since March 2020 with no worries & no shared space allowed. It is just for you! 

The staff so called “talents” must always wear their Garfield masks also available for sale and every guest will have their temperature taken as mandatory procedures before they are ready to party. GarfieldEATS is also testing virtual birthdays on Zoom with the Garfield mascot. 

The cat is here to stay and GarfieldEATS is far ahead than many other restaurants. The main revenue generator that drives the food sales are the merchandise. There is no other restaurant like GarfieldEATS, which can appeal to the customer in regards to merchandise, which brings GarfieldEATS average ticket sale to $37 rather than $15 like McDonalds and other traditional fast food chains from the 50s. 

Canadian food service sector laid off 800,000 people in March as the coronavirus forced shutdowns according the Restaurant Canada survey. Thank you to our Garfield merchandise and private birthdays – GarfieldEATS can survive. 

The world’s 1st Garfield restaurant is reviewed by Ken Domik, food critic & youtuber, with more than 152 million views combined and 500,000 subscribers on Youtube. He rated GarfieldEATS as a 5-star restaurant especially the popular Big Cow Lasagna and Garfield comic strip packaging. When Nathen saw Ken’s video after @GarfieldEATSapp twitter profile account was tagged, he says “after 1 year of recipe development, we are happy to hear that from a food critic and youtuber like Ken as we have come along way to puuuuuurfect our recipe in Toronto, even tough we don’t use Yelp or lead our customers there.” Ken says he is coming back again to GarfieldEATS for a special video project for his channel. 

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