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Freedent Teams up with emoji

Freedent Teams up with emoji

Freedent has teamed up with emoji – The Iconic Brand to develop a new campaign to help young adults when dealing with romance. 

emoji®, Freedent and their advertising agency CLM BBDO have joined forces to create a campaign highlighting creativity and savoir-vivre in everyday´s communication between young couples or people that are dating. At a time when most communication is done through our screens and instant messaging, how can we be funny, moving and respectful, while at the same time getting the right messages across? In order to answer these questions, Freedent has published, in partnership with the emoji ® brand , a “Guide de la Drague” for the younger generation. This guide gives some funny examples of how to combine emoji® brand icons to shine and succeed in the communication with your loved one and be more poetic than usual. 

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