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Fisher-Price Heads to Schitt’s Creek

Fisher-Price Heads to Schitt’s Creek

Fisher-Price, in collaboration with ITV Studios, unveils the latest and (maybe most stylish) addition to the Little People Collector line – Schitt’s Creek! After getting wrapped up in an embezzlement scandal and going from riches to rags (with a few designer bags left), the Rose family is taking over this town and leaving their mark. 

This Little People Collector set features fan-favorite characters from the Rose Family – Johnny, Moira, Alexis and David – as they begin their adventure of making Schitt’s Creek home. Bebée, check out all the character details that truly bring the show to life with a flair.  

o   Johnny is wearing one of his classic blue suits but keeps it casual with the top button undone. Notice the bushy eyebrows and the perfectly coiffed hair that are a staple Johnny Rose feature. 

o   Moira is wearing the iconic garbage bag dress, designed with a special spray for that glossy effect. Also, it wouldn’t be an outing without a designer bag in hand and a full stack of jewelry. What hair is Moira styling today? We all know she has plenty of options.  

o   Alexis is serving looks and sass with her signature sloppy hat and sundress. With a pivot in her stance and her hand pointed forward, a first for LPC, she’s just a little bit Alexis, literally. 

o   David is wearing just one of his many designer sweaters, which are properly stored in his cedar chest. Complemented with chic sunglasses and a mix of rings. Would we call that pretentious…. or timeless? 

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