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Cyanide & Happiness licensed

Cyanide & Happiness licensed

Cyanide & Happiness is an irreverent and aggressively ridiculous multimedia powerhouse, producing daily content since 2003 on their website and across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to an audience in the millions. The team was brought together by their unshakable passion and drive that no force of nature could ever silence – that passion, for whatever reason, is inappropriate stick figure cartoons.

Cyanide & Happiness has grown into an internationally recognized brand, built in part through the help of massive crowdfunding support from their dedicated fan-base. They have released three seasons of the Cyanide & Happiness animated show, over two-hundred weekly animations on their massive YouTube channel, five books in more than five languages, and two hugely popular party games; all while traveling around the world to sold-out comic and games conventions to speak directly with their fans.

12M Facebook followers

3.7B + views on YouTube

1.9M Instagram followers

Products will be pushed via Explosm’s social channels generates over a million visitors each day

Cyanide and Happiness is now represented by Reemsborko worldwide and for all categories.

Max Arguile of Reemsborko commented, “I have personally loved Cyanide and Happiness for many years, so leapt at the chance to work on this. The board and card games are now selling strongly in all territories. Retailers like Target and HMV are fully behind the games so the merch is a natural next step”

Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick, and Kris Wilson of Explosm commented, “We are excited to be working  with Reemsborko to get our merch out to more of our fans, so they can ensure to adequately warn people about their concerning special interests!”

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