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Curtis Licensing and the New World

Curtis Licensing and the New World
“It seems we are living in a whole new world. Everywhere you look, things are changing…from the way we retail shop, to our social awareness on different issues, things are evolving fast. In fact, just last week we participated in the 1st ever Virtual Licensing Show. After having to cancel and re-route our arrangements for the actual Licensing Show, our expectations were somewhat reserved when it came to the virtual version offered by the show management. However, we were able to set up and participate on good virtual meetings, watch several talks and panel discussions by industry leaders, and take in a lot of information on how other companies are handling the current challenges. The keys to navigating and succeeding the current situation were pretty unanimous: flexibility, support and creativity.”
Flexibility: At Curtis, we pride ourselves in being flexible. From the agreement terms that we offer our licensing partners, to the wide allowances on art manipulation, flexibility has always been key for us. Support: We consider our licensees our partners in every way. What benefits them, benefits us…it is that simple. We offer our full support on creative services, design and will even put together your production files at no cost. If you need art and we don’t have it, we will also create it for you! Creativity: Change forces us to be creative and find new ways to do things. Whether it is adjusting sales channels, coming up with new product ideas or simply creating art designs fast to respond to a brand new emerging trend, we will always strive to better respond to new challenges in a way that benefits our licensees, as well as ourselves.”
“So, if you are contemplating a program with us or would like to expand your current one, please contact us… we would love to talk to you! In the meantime, since we were not able to show you our new banners for Classic Post and Trending art at the live show, we are showing them to you digitally.  Stay safe and healthy!”

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Rebecca Ash

Rebecca is the Editorial Director at Total Licensing Ltd. She can be reached at

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