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CoComelon Sees record-Breaking Year

CoComelon Sees record-Breaking Year

Moonbug Entertainment Ltd. is celebrating several record-breaking milestones for the CoComelon brand following an unprecedented year of growth. The worldwide children’s phenomenon has surpassed 100 million subscribers on YouTube and has garnered nearly 100 billion views on the platform. According to Forbes, CoComelon has also broken records on Netflix; the kids’ program debuted on June 1, 2020 and, as of December 5, made 100 consecutive appearances on the Top 10 in the US, surpassing all content categories for both kids’ and adult programming. 

“The brand ethos of CoComelon is simple: make kids happy and smart through fun and relatable content. That’s been our brand’s mission since creation, which is why CoComelon has not only remained a family favorite but has seen such exponential growth,” said Patrick Reese, general manager at Moonbug, CoComelon. “Our content speaks to children through relatability and the age-appropriate nature of the show keeps them entertained and parents relieved.” 

In addition to on-screen popularity, the CoComelon toy line with consumer products leader Jazwares has been flying off the shelves. Moonbug and Jazwares have been working with retailers including Amazon, Target and Walmart to replenish stock so parents can access the products. The line features characters and items inspired by the show and includes a wide array of categories, such as plush, vehicles, figurines and role play.

“JJ, his friends and family have been a bright light for children since the brand’s inception,” added René Rechtman, co-founder and CEO, Moonbug. “As kids across the globe look to CoComelon for relatable content, we’re continuing to grow the show. This is just the beginning of the brand’s global growth as we work to expand the franchise both on and off the screen.”

CoComelon teaches children how to take on everyday activities and role models positive behavior with a sense of enthusiasm. Kids can easily relate to the universal themes and everyday narratives such as eating your vegetables, learning to tie your shoes and getting ready for bed. With its bright and bold colors and cheerful nursery rhymes and phrases, CoComelon attracts children aged one to four to sing and dance along with Baby JJ and his siblings as they learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors and more. 

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