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Care Bears & My Life As Team for Limited Edition Line

Care Bears & My Life As Team for Limited Edition Line

Cloudco Entertainment’s beloved and iconic property, Care Bears™, and the Walmart-exclusive fashion doll brand, My Life As, have announced they have come together to create a slumber party themed-line of limited-edition fashion and baby dolls to celebrate the Care Bears’ 40th Anniversary. 

The Care Bears were first introduced through consumer products, greeting cards, and later a series of animated television shows and feature films. As the Care Bears embarked on new adventures, from Care-a-Lot to the Silver Lining, they quickly became one of the most popular and endearing children’s properties in the world. Today, the Care Bears are loved by fans of all ages as they invite their friends to join them in spreading sharing, caring, love, friendship, and togetherness.

“The Care Bears and My Life As are the perfect pairing. It was extremely important for us to create a collection that embraces and celebrates empowerment and inclusivity for all children,” shared Amy Sullivan, Cloudco Entertainment’s Head of Retail.

The My Life As Care Bear Slumber Party Doll is the coolest attendee at the slumber party! The 18-inch fashion doll features a Cheer Bear themed pajama set, Cheer Bear plush, a Care Bear story book, a pretend toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, and a pair of fuzzy slippers. The My Life As doll comes in three combinations and is available for $37.97.

The My Sweet Love Care Bears Baby Doll Play Set is the perfect companion for a nap or bedtime with a little one. Dressed in Care Bear-themed pajamas, the set includes an extra outfit and matching hat as well as a Cheer Bear-themed blanket and rainbow-shaped pillow. The My Sweet Love doll comes in two skin tones and is available for $18.97.

The dolls and accessories will be available at Walmart this August.

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