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Afro Unicorn Launches Live Action Series & Roblox Experience

Afro Unicorn Launches Live Action Series & Roblox Experience

This spring, Afro Unicorn® founder and CEO April Showers proudly announces the expansion of the Afronia universe. The launch includes a live action series and a Roblox experience as well as a new celebration page on Amazon, bringing the brand’s diverse characters to a range of platforms.

Afro Unicorn’s highly-anticipated live experience on Roblox is set to enhance the online game platform’s authentic representation. Ms. Showers says: “It will be thrilling to bring diverse characters to Roblox, which best reflect children of color so they can live and play in the world of Afronia and be their authentic selves.”

Staying true to the grassroots nature of the brand, Afro Unicorn will bring a live-action series for kids ages five to twelve, which will debut at the 10th anniversary of the Bentonville Film Festival in Arkansas (June 10-June 17, 2024). Ms. Showers filmed the series with some amazing kid ambassadors over the holidays, noting that she was delighted to highlight these girls: Eden (@theedenolivia), Veigh (@veighway), Genesis (@iamforevergenesis) and Brielle (@2belaygirls) who came to Afro Unicorn organically.

Afro Unicorn invites all to enter the enchanting world of “Ms. April’s Book and Crown Shop,” where dreams come alive and young entrepreneurs find their wings. The heart of the story revolves around Ms. April, a wise and charismatic mentor who owns Crown and AfroMation Shop. A pillar of the urban inner city community, Ms. April’s role is to affirm what makes children unique, divine and magical everyday. Along her side is Magical, a puppet with a magical snow globe that can foresee the future.

In the bustling town, the dynamic young girls embark on a thrilling entrepreneurial journey. Every episode presents a new challenge for one of the girls, and with Ms. April’s guidance, they navigate the intricate world of business, learning valuable lessons along the way.

As the girls confront entrepreneurial hurdles, Ms. April imparts her wisdom, teaching young girls about resilience, creativity, and kindness. In each episode, she takes the child-prenuer to her AfroMation Mirror, where they receive their daily Afromations, affirming they can complete whatever obstacle lies ahead. At the end of each episode, the young girl is crowned for her achievements, celebrating business success, personal growth, and, most of all, kindness. By doing so, the girls will receive their rewards and unlock their crown within.

Ms. Showers says, “Everyone has a crown, they just have to believe it to see it.” She adds: “I am proud of this new adventure into entrepreneurship to uplift and celebrate the boundless potential within young minds as they pursue their dreams with inner confidence and learn to help others.”

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