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Spread Group strengthens focus on Fashion Tech

<strong>Spread Group strengthens focus on Fashion Tech</strong>

Tech-enabled next generation fashion company, Spread Group, has appointed Frederik Brakel as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). The experienced fashion industry manager will pioneer a new direction to ensure further growth of the direct-to-consumer business. 

Building on the current macro trends of individualization and digitization, Brakel will, among other things, oversee the expansion of the product range with modern, sustainably produced fashion. The women’s segment in particular will be greatly expanded. Resource-saving made-to-order production will be at the top of Spread Group’s technological agenda in the near future.

Before joining Spread Group, Frederik Brakel held leading positions in the fashion and luxury industry for 18 years, including some 10 years in the field of e-commerce and digitization. Over eight years, he made a significant contribution to the development of Zalando. Most recently he was Chief Digital Officer at Central Group Europe (e.g. Rinascente and The KaDeWe Group).

In tune with Generations Z and Alpha

What appealed to Brakel most about his new role at Spread Group was working with new products and target groups. The exciting development of the fashion industry is increasingly moving towards on-demand production and stronger individualization. 

Buyer groups from Generations Z and Alpha are driving these changes, leading to a focus on sustainability and individuality while improving quality and style. This heralds an end to the popularity of mass-produced goods from fast fashion brands and the real-time fashion industry, which are traditionally produced in poor working conditions and at the expense of the environment. 

Spread Group’s made-to-order production – orders are only ever manufactured and shipped on demand – answers the call for sustainably produced and truly unique products.

The evolution of production-on-demand towards next generation made-to-order

With its strong technology-driven approach, Spread Group is one of the main drivers and beneficiaries of the sustainability movement. Spread Group’s business model has a fully digitalized made-to-order approach, making it a perfect fit for driving macro trends of individualization, digitalization and sustainability. Trends set by Generation Z consumers currently determine the entire fashion and lifestyle industry.

Over the past two decades, Spread Group has succeeded in manufacturing and distributing one-of-a-kind items at attractive margins. Detailed improvements and customer-focused production with locations in the USA and Europe have enabled the company to invest more in technical and digital innovation, while increasing product quality. 

“Investments in research and development will play a key role in our expansion in the immediate future. The goal is an evolution of ‘production-on-demand’ towards ‘next generation made to order’. Further partnerships with innovation leaders are also envisaged.” – Frederik Brakel, Chief Commercial Officer

Favorite items you want to wear again and again

Frederik Brakel joined Spread Group in May 2022. In his new role as Chief Commercial Officer, he will ensure Marketing is aligned with Assortment, Supply Chains and Quality Management. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has long been an integral part of Brakel’s work. It is his goal to offer customers their new favorite items, whether these are customized, curated by designers or the stylish original look. He will ensure that satisfied customers will enjoy wearing their favorite items again and again.

Spread Group CCO Frederik Brakel explains:

“In an industry characterized by overproduction, I believe we can make an important contribution to more conscious consumption with our digital services and products, which are only ever produced after an order has been placed.”

Spread Group CEO Dr. Julian de Grahl adds:

“The fashion landscape is constantly changing, and topics such as sustainability, digitalization and individuality are the future of the industry. As a customer-focused platform, Spread Group wants to continue to promote these topics and accompany current trends. Through his many years of experience in the fashion industry, Frederik knows which steps to take. We look forward to new and exciting projects, and we’re happy to give Frederik a warm welcome at Spread Group.”

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