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Rooster Teeth Studios and Albert Whitman Media Enter Into Slate Development Partnership

Rooster Teeth Studios and Albert Whitman Media Enter Into Slate Development Partnership

Rooster Teeth Productions, a unit of WarnerMedia, and Albert Whitman Media. the media affiliate of children’s publisher Albert Whitman & Co., have entered into a slate partnership for the co-development and production of original animated series programming for broadcast and digital platforms worldwide.  The series will be based on  literary properties from the library of prestigious independent children’s book publisher Albert Whitman & Co..  The announcement was made jointly by Ryan P. Hall, Head of Rooster Teeth Studios, and Attila Gazdag, President of Albert Whitman Media.

The slate partnership launches with two highly-acclaimed Albert Whitman & Co. literary works, Zapato Power from creator Jacqueline Jules  and The Wish Library, from creator Christine Evans. 

Zapato Power follows the adventures of Freddie Ramos, an ordinary kid growing up in a multiethnic city neighborhood who has always dreamt of becoming a superhero.  When he’s given a pair of superpowered purple sneakers, his life is forever changed. Over the course of the series, Freddie learns how to use his newfound powers for greater good.  Rooster Teeth and Albert Whitman Media will introduce the new series to market in time for MIPCOM 2021.

The second property in the slate, The Wish Library, follows third-grader Raven and her friends as they discover that a little bit of magic can lead to a LOT of mischief—and that, in the end, they had the power to face their challenges all along.  Featuring light fantasy elements and lots of humor, The Wish Library responds to every child’s  innate desire to wish their problems away.  

“We are excited to join with Rooster Teeth Productions in the development of Albert Whitman & Company literary works as animated series for global audiences,” said Gazdag.  “Rooster Teeth has achieved a great degree of success with its original shows and we were impressed with their take on and passion for series adaptation of Albert Whitman’s book properties,” says Rooster Teeth Productions/Albert Whitman Media.

“Rooster Teeth is delighted to expand its slate of animated properties to include Albert Whitman’s beloved books as we expand our storytelling efforts in the children’s genre,” said Hall. “Our mission has always been to spark long-lasting love with content franchises, and we are proud to say Rooster Teeth’s dedicated community of fans can now share their fandom across generations.”

A subsidiary of Albert Whitman & Company, Albert Whitman Media (AWM) is responsible for the development and production of original programming based on the parent company’s vast library of books for broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms worldwide.

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