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PGS Partners with El Reino Infantil

PGS Partners with El Reino Infantil

PGS Entertainment announces a strategic partnership with El Reino Infantil, a top YouTube network with the world’s most-watched Spanish channel. This collaboration broadens the accessibility of high-quality preschool content on a global scale, starting with the acclaimed educational series “Momonsters.” The series, featuring a group of friendly monsters, teaches essential values and problem-solving skills. Now available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on El Reino Infantil, “Momonsters” is set to engage an even broader audience. 

In addition to “Momonsters,” El Reino Infantil’s lineup includes Season 1 of “The Jungle Bunch” and “Miss Moon,” further expanding its diverse educational offerings. “The Jungle Bunch,” available in Spanish and English, follows a group of quirky animals on jungle adventures, while “Miss Moon,” presented in English, features a magical nanny with unique abilities.   

Philippe Soutter, Co-founder of PGS Entertainment, shares his enthusiasm, “We are excited to partner with El Reino Infantil to entertain and educate young audiences worldwide. This collaboration will expand the reach of our preschool shows, captivating children across diverse markets.” 

Pablo Lacroix, Digital Director at El Reino Infantil, said, “Teaming up with partners like PGS to distribute their well-known TV shows, such as ‘Momonsters,’ ‘Jungle Bunch,’ and ‘Miss Moon,’  allows us to offer a high-quality variety of content on our network for preschoolers and kids. Additionally, we have over 25 other captivating third-party IPs on our multilingual YouTube channels, ensuring everyone can enjoy their favorite content in their preferred language. It’s all about bringing diverse and enjoyable entertainment to families.

This partnership highlights PGS Entertainment’s strategy to enhance its international presence and its commitment to delivering quality content across diverse platforms. 

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