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My Pet Hooligan Debuts on Epic Games

My Pet Hooligan Debuts on Epic Games

AMGI Studios is proud to announce the debut of its marquee video game title My Pet Hooligan on the Epic Games Store platform with its Alpha 2.0 Turbo version, as a prelude to its free-to-play global launch coming this Fall.  Based on the success of the recent NFT series and the global reach of the Epic Games Store, this highly anticipated release brings the My Pet Hooligan IP to video gamers all over the world and further expands the reach of My Pet Hooligan characters and licensed products.

“With a growing, devoted fan base already in place from the Hooligan digital collectibles and other merchandise, My Pet Hooligan is geared up to rise as the leading free-to-play, open-world, blockchain-enabled video game on the platform, with the goal of being the most popular game, period,” said Tony DiIoia, EVP of Merchandising and a co-founder of AMGI Studios.

Owners of My Pet Hooligan digital collectibles can now download the game on the Epic Games Store via early access keys for community members. A limited amount of retail keys are currently available prior to the global public launch.

My Pet Hooligan was showcased at the Licensing Expo by licensing agent The Brand Liaison, who is actively expanding the My Pet Hooligan brand beyond the world of gaming through a multichannel licensing program. This deal will enable opportunities for the My Pet Hooligan characters to be featured on consumer products, including t-shirts and hoodies, action figures, physical collectibles, and more.

A lucrative audience for brands, gamers make up 3.2 billion of the world’s population according to the Newzoo Global Games Market Report of 2022, with PwC forecasting total gaming revenue to rise from US$227 billion in 2023 to US$312 billion by 2027. However, this demographic can be difficult to reach without messaging that genuinely resonates, especially as 50% of consumers who play games more than an hour per week prefer a “deeper, more meaningful connection with brands.”

“Video gaming and immersive brands are not only aiming to produce great content, but they need to embrace collectability and bold collaborations with the aim of making a splash in the market and offering desirable products to their consumers,” said Steven Heller, President of The Brand Liaison. “When we explored the rich storytelling behind each character in My Pet Hooligan, we immediately recognized the immense potential for licensing, where we can create captivating product extensions and develop promotional endeavors, all while staying true to the rebellious spirit of the brand.”

The AMGI Studios team had a chance to examine the community’s response to the game and its characters in real time at the 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo in Los Angeles in June. The event’s Esports Arena saw the first-ever My Pet Hooligan live tournament, where some of the industry’s most celebrated esports players and gaming content creators competed in a battle royale. Based on the response from the Web3 Gaming Expo and My Pet Hooligan’s early access release on the Epic Games Store, the imminent public launch is set to be one of the world’s most explosive video game releases of 2023.

“We wanted to create characters that reflect the worldview of our actual community,” said Sheraz Ashiq, Head of Web3 at AMGI, who attended the Licensing Expo with TBL in June. “From our perspective, the gamer community is rebellious and adventurous, with a distaste for being controlled by large corporate algorithms. We leaned into that naughtiness to resonate with our growing community, and the resoundingly positive feedback from gamers and content creators alike has been an incredible testament to the success of our approach. It is this connection into the cultural zeitgeist of gamers that has allowed us to build a brand that cuts through the noise.”

Those interested in harnessing the full potential of the My Pet Hooligan brand may contact The Brand Liaison to explore opportunities for collaboration.

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