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Interview: Banijay Talks France Licensing Day

Interview: Banijay Talks France Licensing Day

Annick Bizet, New Business and Strategic Alliances Director, Banijay Kids & Family

Why is France Licensing Day such an important date in your business calendar?

This event allows us to engage directly with a broad network and strengthen our presence in the French licensing landscape. It’s an opportunity to highlight our catalogue of global brands, and a big focus will be the latest news for the iconic Totally Spies! franchise, which recently had its world premiere of the much-anticipated season 7 on Gulli.

How important is the French licensing market to your brand/business?

The French licensing market is extremely important to our business. It represents a significant share of our revenue and offers a diverse and dynamic landscape for brand expansion. Our success in France, with brands like Totally Spies! and Mumfie,  plays a crucial role in our overall business growth and brand recognition.

What’s the biggest trend driving licensing in France right now?

The biggest trend driving licensing in France right now is the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly products. Consumers are increasingly seeking brands that align with their environmental values, leading to a surge in demand for licensed products that are sustainable, ethically produced, and have a lower carbon footprint. This trend is influencing licensing strategies and encouraging brands to adopt more responsible practices. As one of the biggest players in the industry, Banijay Kids & Family, and Banijay overall, is passionate about being a leader in this space and driving positive change in our industry.

What brands will you be bringing to the event?

We will be bringing a diverse portfolio of brands to France Licensing Day. From established IP like Mr Bean and Totally Spies! to newer properties we’re excited to introduce to the market including upcoming preschool series Miniheroes of the Forest and the recently launched CGI comedy-action Shasha & Milo.

What’s new? What will FLD attendees find out about your brands they may not already know.

FLD attendees will learn about our latest brand collaborations and product launches, which are set to make waves in the market. Attendees will also discover our commitment to sustainability and how we’re incorporating eco-friendly practices into our licensing operations. Additionally, we’ll be revealing some upcoming projects and initiatives that we believe will generate a lot of excitement.

What’s your favourite French brand?

It’s hard to pick just one! As I have always worked with youth-oriented brands, I’d mention the children’s apparel brand Petit Bateau, which I’d love to collaborate with for Totally Spies! This brand embodies the creativity, quality, and sophistication that French brands are known for. They have a unique identity and demonstrated a remarkable ability to stay relevant and innovative over the years.

Will we see you at BLE in September? 

Yes, you will see us at BLE in September, we wouldn’t miss it! BLE is always a fantastic opportunity to connect with our global partners and explore lots of new business opportunities too.

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