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GG Bond Floods China’s Social Media and Captivates the Gen Z

GG Bond Floods China’s Social Media and Captivates the Gen Z

The beloved animated character, first-generation GG Bond has recently gained a surge in popularity among audiences beyond its kid fanbase, causing a stir on various social media platforms in China. The flagship IP of Winsing has again won over the hearts of many Gen Z individuals who grew up cherishing this little ‘red pig’ as one of their childhood favourites.

With over 18 years since GG Bond IP was established in 2005 and a long-standing presence in children’s television, GG Bond’s popularity on social media among a wider audience has recently exceeded expectations. The hashtag #GGBOND has been used over 10.22 billion times on Douyin (TikTok), 1 billion times on Kuaishou and has topped the trending topics of Weibo, becoming another significant trending event of IPs in the industry. 

Recently, a meme featuring GG Bond gained significant popularity and led to an online trend called the “#GGBOND Rescue Mission”. This topic garnered attention from official accounts seeking GG Bond’s involvement in their anti-fraud, anti-drug, and fire protection campaigns. These officials effectively communicated their messages to the public more enjoyably and casually.

The GG Bond trend showcases the younger generation’s influence in the digital age. This beloved children’s IP enhances brand influence through social media, including memes, short videos, user-generated content, and licensed products related to current trends. GG Bond IP has successfully utilized various social media platforms and speaks the language of Gen Z to connect with younger audiences. Furthermore, the IP recognizes the younger generation’s preference for nostalgic items, trendy toys, pop culture, and more.

Due to its increasing popularity, a character created as an animated figure has evolved into a well-known symbol among different age groups. Winsing is on its way to further explore and enhance the potential of intellectual properties, develop various products for fans of all ages and expand opportunities for merchandising and licensing worldwide.

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