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Dependable Solutions in Collaboration with tesa scribos

Dependable Solutions in Collaboration with tesa scribos

tesa scribos, member of the Beiersdorf group, has partnered with Dependable Solutions.

By combining Dependable Solutions’ modules for licensing product approvals, contract management, royalty management with tesa scribos’ interactive security tags, and digital modules, such as authentication, customer interaction, label ordering, and more – the duo embark on a strategic partnership to deliver their customers a new and improved level of service. 

“By joining hands with DSI, we look forward to establishing a great partnership to offer our customers a complete solution for their licensing program. We are very happy to profit from DSI’s great licensing insights and years of experience,” states Stephanie, International Product & Market Manager.  

“The biggest value for us is of course the brand licensing software add-on, which we can connect to our digital platform. But also, we look forward to working together with a partner, who has the same ambition and enthusiasm as we do by following the simple principle of offering value added solutions to licensors and licensees,” explains Stephanie.

As partners, tesa scribos and Dependable Solutions will strive to support licensors and licensees to protect intellectual property and provide real time data end consumers. The mutual goal of this collaboration is to ultimately increase transparency between licensing partners, to further optimize licensing operations and drive business growth.

“It’s a coming together of expertise that is truly, very exciting,” adds Rhys Fleming, Sales Director at Dependable Solutions, “Authentication and protection continue to be extremely important to many of our clients and the brand licensing industry. But it is tesa scribos’ work beyond this in consumer engagement and cutting-edge marking technologies that really sets them apart. We’re very much looking forward to delivering services together that enhance licensing operations all over the globe.” 

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