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Alyse Rosenberg is Named Senior Vice President of Content at Elf Labs

Alyse Rosenberg is Named Senior Vice President of Content at Elf Labs

Elf Labs, a transmedia company, announces the
appointment of accomplished screenwriter, showrunner, and director Alyse Rosenberg as Senior Vice
President of Content. She brings diverse experience creating, writing, directing and executive producing
the award-winning youth series Ready or Not (Showtime/Disney Channel), writing and executive story
editing for classic animated series, including Braceface (ABC Family) and Little Bear (CBC/Nickelodeon),
and many more credits as an entertainment executive.

Elf Labs launched with a one-of-a-kind IP portfolio of over 400 copyrights and over 100 trademarks for
classic and reimagined renditions of characters like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Peter Pan to
transform immersive entertainment. The company will stand to benefit from Rosenberg’s expert
educational storytelling for children’s series.

Her hire follows on the heels of Elf Labs’ April launch-to-market and precedes the upcoming launch of its
first full animated series, RoboStarsTM, which depicts a new type of hero transforming favorite faces like
Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Pinocchio into robot protagonists. Rosenberg will oversee the entire Content
Division and work hand in hand with Mike De Seve, Head of Kids Content at Elf Labs and an Emmy
Award-winning Dreamworks alumnus with credits including Shrek 2 and Shark Tale. The two will work in
close concert with Elf Labs’ writing and production teams to finalize the first full season of
RoboStarsTMand expand the studio’s award-winning franchise Once Upon a Zombie.
David Phillips, CEO, said, “With our iconic IP and transformative technology, Elf Labs is the future of
animated entertainment media. We need leaders who have shaped the industry, but share our vision as
to what is possible in this new era. Alyse brings decades of industry-transforming experience and robust
creative insight to our team. We are thrilled to welcome her as we look ahead to our first major series
launch, RoboStarsTM, and continue our project pipeline to shape the future of modern, meaningful
Rosenberg’s versatility can be seen in her extensive credits across children, youth, adult, and non-fiction
as a veteran writer and producer. Her storied career in TV and film includes credits for Virtual Mom
(CBC/Nickelodeon), Harriet the Spy (Protocol Entertainment/Discovery), Lives that Changed the World
(Discovery Channel), Forensic Factor (Discovery Channel), Four in the Morning (CBC), Frankie Drake
Mysteries (CBC) and Majority Rules (CBC). She also founded and serves as president of The Coachworks
Studio, which provides creative consulting services for the entertainment industry and career coaching
for youth and young adults. Other titles include Vice President of Development for the Toronto-based, award-winning television and feature film studios Serendipity Point Films and Story Hawk Pictures/Boat
Rocker Media.
As the newest Elf Labs team member, Rosenberg will support the company’s go-to-market strategy,
including exclusive web series content, animated feature films, and Wi-Fi-enabled immersive
experiences. Her expertise in children’s narratives will shape the company’s wholesome message-driven
content as she lends her creative vision and executive oversight to the studio’s project slate. She is
committed to crafting empowering youth storylines centered around self-expression and positivity. Elf
Labs is pleased to expand its team of forward-thinking industry executives with her perspective.
“Elf Labs is at the forefront of animation, contemporary storytelling, and technology-powered content
distribution. This company is the natural next stage of the industry and of my career. I am grateful to join
its star-studded team, and beyond excited to be working with such an incredible character IP portfolio to
modernize favorite and familiar faces for all audiences,” said Alyse Rosenberg, SVP of Content.

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