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Sam & Julia creative toy range nominated for prestigious TOP10 Toy Award 2024 in Germany

Sam & Julia creative toy range nominated for prestigious TOP10 Toy Award 2024 in Germany

The Sam & Julia toy range, developed by Karina Schaapman, is based on the internationally successful Dutch book series by the same name. Driven by her mission to create a safe, welcoming and kind world for children where they can go out on adventures, Karina launched the first book set in the Mouse Mansion 13 years ago. Since then, 22 books and a unique product range have been introduced. 

Karina Schaapman, founder and creator, commented: “My goal is to help children realise that they are creative and capable of making something meaningful on their own. My crafting products guide them on their way. It’s fantastic to see how resourceful children are, often working together with the whole family to build a Mouse Mansion. But beware, once you get a taste for it, it’s hard to stop!” 

The Sam & Julia arts & crafts range includes eight rooms children can easily assemble using printed cardboard bases and matching wooden furniture sets that can be painted. Decoration sheets allow for the creation of mini accessories like food packaging, books and plants. The popular minis come in matchboxes, adding the final touch. Over 100 videos on the Sam & Julia YouTube channel inspire kids to use upcycled items, such as bottle caps and popsicle sticks. A variety of plush characters and accessories complete the collection, allowing children to immerse themselves in Sam & Julia’s world and create their own stories. 

The “TOP10 Toys” is an annual marketing campaign for toys and leisure products in Germany, attracting significant interest and attention in the toy industry and retail. The German Federal Association of the Toy and Game Retailers (BVS) selects the final ten best new products together with the “TOP10 Toys” jury in November. For more information, visit TOP10 Toys. 

“Whether an innovative trend product or a reissued Classic – with the 47 nominated products, playtime fun knows no boundaries,” says Steffen Kahnt, BVS Managing Director. 

This nomination underlines the creative and educational significance of the brand, whose products support children’s creative development, encourage role play and stimulate their imagination. 

Animated series 

Sam & Julia are now also conquering the screens, with a unique animated series that already won several awards*). The first season (78 x 7’) is now airing in France (France Télévisions & Okoo) and The Netherlands (AVROTROS / Zappelin), and will launch in Q4 this year in Germany (ZDF / KIKA), with many additional countries to be announced. 

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