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Brigitte Bardot Lines see Strong Sales

Brigitte Bardot Lines see Strong Sales

V2D, based in France and specialising in the creation of lingerie and swimwear collections, has seen its sales soar in 2020.

The family company that has worked with the Brigitte Bardot brand since 2016 in France and in Europe has seen its turnover increase by more than 25% in 2020, despite the Covid context.

The company cites the multiple reasons for this success.

“First, the exclusivity of the offer, both unique and differentiating: all the models are inspired by the 50s through to the 70s, surfing the fashion wave of retro lingerie. Then, in the myth of BB itself, still very contemporary and with a strong identity, with a recognizable style thanks to the symbols of the brand: the daisy, the gingham print, and the English embroidery. Its best-seller continues to be the gingham print! And last, in the extension of the lingerie range, with the addition of 6 creations “Les Pulpeuses”, designed for the plus size segment.

“This offer is based on the image and the personality of Brigitte Bardot, whose authenticity, bold, and positive sensuality still resonate with the public.”

And V2D does not intend to stop here…

“A new visual identity will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, accompanied by strong communication campaigns on social media. As proof of the group’s ambition for the brand, it intends to increase the number of retail selling points – currently standing at over 600 – and to develop the digital aspect thanks to a dedicated e-commerce website, in order to reach a million pieces sold within three years. The brand is currently only present on marketplaces. Concerning merchandising, V2D will offer its clients a complete solution to promote the BB world; in addition to POS, durable and logo-printed furniture could be installed in shops.

“From the beginning of 2022, a new range of nightwear will be offered, coordinated with the lingerie, as well as a capsule of beachwear products, coordinated with swimwear range. No less than eight lines will be launched for the night and six for the beachwear; all in a never-seen-before retro style.”

“Madame Bardot is a source of exceptional inspiration, and not only for the lingerie and swimwear categories. Her story, her commitments, her authenticity are strong values that few brands can benefit from,” says Quentin Toulemonde, collections manager at V2D.

Brigitte Bardot embodies a positive sensuality that is at once authentic, bold, and resolutely French. She reflects the wild beauty, the carefree spirit and the joie de vivre of the 50s to the 70s. She is a pioneer of great societal changes: the search for authenticity, the emancipation of women, the respect for nature and animals.

Family Trademark TLK, who is the exclusive master licensee of Brigitte Bardot, is a subsidiary of the group V2D Lingerie.

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